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Solving for Job Displacements in Africa

Whilst the phenomenon of job displacements is not new, there is a likelihood that more jobs may be lost than new ones that might be created in the 4th industrial revolution. For developing nations specifically, these job displacements are potentially disastrous for economic growth.

Digital transformation requires that all workers have digital skills

In today’s world of work, digital skills are essential for every working professional. Regardless of the nature of the job, the combination of digital literacy skills and deep technical skills is a worthwhile investment for professionals to make.

Elevating Employee Competitiveness

Averting job displacements is not about reversing the impact and proliferation of emerging technologies, but rather elevating the role and competitiveness of workers along machines.

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Global Competition

Digitisation and technological disruption has heightened the reality of global competition

Acquire globally competitive skills

It is important to ensure that workers are not only skilled to master these technologies but are also acquiring skills that will make them globally competitive.

Averting 4IR job displacements

Deviare and its partner ecosystem is committed to averting 4IR job displacements by proactively investing in relevant digital skills for workers whose jobs may be impacted by technological advancements.

Aligning future business needs

Business needs to work with employees to align future business needs with the relevant digital skills.


An adaptive learning experience tailored for the working professional

We help organisations reskill and upskill existing human capital with digital skills aligned with your orgaisation’s future needs skills through our platform

Top Skills needed for Africa

With a scalable and integrated platform, Deviare is digitally transforming Africa.

Deviare helps Microsoft tackle youth unemployment through digital skills training and workplace exposure.

Digital transformation is imperative, regardless of the industry. Here’s how Deviare helped a research institute upskill experienced scientists and researchers.

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