The 4 Essential Traits Leaders Need in the Digital Age

May 14 , 2021

Lubabalo Dyantyi

The 4 Essential Traits Leaders Need in the Digital Age

As the world embarks on a digital transformation, organisations are impelled to keep up with the ever-changing business environment by enhancing their digital business practices. Amazon is one of many fantastic examples of a thriving business in the digital age and reaching their level of digital integration is completely achievable!

It’s time for your business to prove itself as a contender in the new working environment, and there is no better place to start than with your leaders. Ensure your leaders are up for the change of pace by running through a list we’ve compiled of some of the essential traits that leaders need in the digital age:

Adaptable Learning

There is no doubt that technology is progressing at a rapid rate, and businesses that care to stay current will alter their processes accordingly. One of the many essential traits of a successful leader in the digital era is the ability to learn and adapt to these new and improved processes, implementing a learning approach that will maintain their educated standing in the digital era. 

Not only will these leaders need to learn new processes, but they will need to have the skill to unlearn or adapt old habits that are no longer relevant to their new way of working to ensure that their business maintains a competitive edge.

Furthermore, the speed with which leaders can learn, apply and refine new skills in a given context distinguishes those that deliver results from those that become figure heads for their company’s performance decline. 

Technological competence

Leaders in the digital age need to show technological competence. Digitally savvy leaders should boast extensive technological skills and have a keen understanding of the leverage of new technology as this will allow them to make identify opportunities that can unlock exponential value. Their technological competence is a tool for problem-solving, innovation, and assisting others on their path towards digital success.

Current and new employees that understand the ongoing change of the business environment look up to leaders that demonstrate a deep understanding of technology and an ability to convey their understanding to others.

Willingness to foster skill

As we mentioned already, employees admire a digitally savvy leader; however, that is not enough to administer success. A leader in this day and age should display a willingness to foster these technological skills among their staff.

Leaders take on the role of innovators, teachers, and skill enhancers. They should be able to stimulate digital creativity and experiment with processes within the work environment to encourage engagement and innovation amongst the employees. This is the key to creating a successful business strategy.

Employees should be guided along the digital path and given the key to digital know-how to realign their skills with new automated processes and maintain efficiency in the workplace.

Conscious risk-taking

A successful digital leader will be knowledgeable about all the dos and don’ts of the digital age. They should appreciate that digital technologies have re-configured the dynamics and dimensions of risk and have the ability to use their knowledge to employ conscious risk-taking. Taking these risks will allow their business to grow and progress with the times. Now, it’s essential to understand that conscious risk-taking will not lead to success every time. There will be failures along the way, but a great leader will be able to take in these failures, learn from them, and adapt as they move forward.

Business and technology go hand-in-hand in the dynamic digital economy. While leaders need to maintain the traditional traits that they possess, it is imperative that they also possess various digitally inclined traits which will see them making strides towards success in the digital age.

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