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Is your organisation successfully utilising digital transformation to drive sales and business growth?

We can help with that

Deviare combines tested methodologies with cutting-edge technology platforms to assist businesses in navigating their own unique digital transformation journeys.


Overcome competency gaps and future-proof your workforce.

Along with the development of digital technology, so the world of work is ever changing. Understanding which areas need up-skilling and which need re-skilling can provide clarity into how you can manage your most valuable asset…The Workforce. We help businesses navigate the digital transformation process to accomplish their business goals in today’s digital world.

Know how to use crucial levers to succeed in a digital world.

84% of Digital Transformation are unsuccessful, majority of businesses lack the ability and readiness to successfully implement digital transformation. Our digital readiness assessments enable business leaders to take the appropriate strategic and tactical steps to help prepare their organisation for a new operating environment where technology enables the creation of new possibilities for differentiation, collaboration, agility and efficiency.

Successfully transition to Tech-Solutions that drive competitive edge

In our quickly developing digital world, cloud-based infrastructure has become the basis for business agility. It has also become critical for organisations to securely and efficiently experiment and test novel ideas and emerging technologies. We foster and support safe experimentation while scaling and managing cloud migration in order to ensure the success of digital transformation.

You’ve tried so many things and can’t seem to achieve desired

Paid for Tech-solutions?

This kind of thinking limits digital transformation to a technological transactions, which will not yield the desired benefits in the long term.

Your competitors are getting ahead?

Africa’s unique socio-economic challenges offer a field of opportunities for innovation. Africa’s increasing digitalization has raised customer expectations, which every business must fulfill. Digital transformation has become a game changer. Why put it off any longer?

Tried doing it yourself?

Technology developments have now run ahead of most industries, many business leaders are not adequately equipped with transitioning their businesses in an increasingly uncertain and fast-paced digital context.

Experiencing a productivity leakage dilemma?

We help organisations understand their own “Productivity leakage” dilemma. Our approach utilises data-driven insights to offer intelligence and guidance regarding where to focus human resource initiatives with the goal of improving innovation and performance across the organisation.


No need to worry, your search is over. We have helped companies with:

Up-skilling and re-skilling their workforce.

We provide corporate training in the emerging technologies that are transforming our economy. Our Adaptive Learning Platform can curate customised learning while accommodating for large candidate volumes.The workforce skills transformation produces an applied skill with the appropriate accreditation, where applicable.

Assessed digital readiness for digital transformation

We help business leaders better manage the diverse skillsets that make up a team. We utilise the TM forum’s globally certified digital maturity tool to determine your organisation’s best digital approach. We’ve also partnered up with The Game Changer Index® to help organisations evaluate their employees and maximize collective potential.

Investment of technologies that drive business agility

Businesses must have the processes and capabilities in place to effectively leverage a digital environment. We help businesses migrate to the cloud of their choosing while also ensuring that they have the necessary capabilities to maintain it.

Top Skills needed for Africa

With a scalable and integrated platform, Deviare is digitally transforming Africa.

Deviare helps Microsoft tackle youth unemployment through digital skills training and workplace exposure.

Digital transformation is imperative, regardless of the industry. Here’s how Deviare helped a research institute upskill experienced scientists and researchers.

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