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“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.”

George Couros

Today’s students are preparing to enter a global workforce undergoing tremendous digital transformation, this therefore means teaching in today’s digitally-immersed generation requires a paradigm shift for educators. Those that impart knowledge are key, the future digital economy requires that we transform the way that we acquire and apply knowledge, the education system requires urgent capacity to prepare those who learn for the future, this cannot be done without empowering those who teach with insights into emerging learning models of the digital age.

Deviare has developed an integrated learning experience to empower educators in both basic and higher learning institutions. Our goal is to orientate teachers to the reality of the digital economy and ensure we build their confidence through aspects such as leveraging data to improve the learning experience, digital literacy and online safety when dealing with digital learning.

What is the role of the teacher of the future?

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) transforming every aspect of our lives, it is vital for educational institutions and educators to arm themselves with capabilities that will allow them to more effectively provide emerging learning models.

Our educators have a duty to prepare students by equipping them not just with knowledge and comprehension of emerging technology, but also with the skills necessary to make sound career choices and prosper in the future workplace.

We provide courses that offer educators the opportunity to enhance their digital abilities and so have a beneficial influence on teaching and learning with the appropriate training and assistance.

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Comprehensive courses for educators

Deviare’s comprehensive offering is detailed in a catalogue that we work to keep up to date with relevant information

Online Learning

Learning institutions can take comfort in finding competitive courses and support from Deviare

Virtual Labs

Deviare’s blended learning approach ensures that they get the information and training they need regardless of their environment or location. From virtual to in person labs, learners can complete their training.

Live Virtual Classes

Taking further support our learners, Deviare has mobile digital labs that are equiped with smart devices and our digital learning platforms.

Expert learning support

Deviare has a team of expert learning instructors to guide learners through their training.


Deviare Bootcamp Powered by Unisa

With high rates of youth unemployment and underemployment prevalent in our country, Unisa Centre for Continuing Education and Training (CCET) together with Deviare have partnered to collaborate and develop an Online Skills Pedagogy short learning programme. The programme will leverage Deviare’s Online learning platform to train people in the following competency areas: Data engineering and Artificial intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing.

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Training designed to drive retention

Our blended-learning environment fosters student engagement, deepens learning and retention, and delivers course-completion rates well above other online learning platforms.

International and local standards of certification

Deviare offers courses that are industry-aligned. We are invested in providing courses and certification that deliver the highest standard to learning insitutions who choose to affiliate with us.

Leading edge partnerships

Through tactical partnerships with digital technology providers and learning insitutitions such as Microsoft and Unisa, Deviare is committed to delivering qualifications that help learners become work ready.

Top Skills needed for Africa

With a scalable and integrated platform, Deviare is digitally transforming Africa.

Deviare helps Microsoft tackle youth unemployment through digital skills training and workplace exposure.

Digital transformation is imperative, regardless of the industry. Here’s how Deviare helped a research institute upskill experienced scientists and researchers.

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