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Youth unemployment is on the rise

The job market is undergoing an extraordinary revolution. In a time where unemployment, particularly among the youth, is skyrocketing, technology is helping to connect talent directly to work opportunities and enables people to work in a way that suits their needs. This is a far more efficient and scalable job market that is worth investing in. – Deviare

The Virtual Global Appenticeship

We’ve developed a programme to address youth unemployment by providing bright African youth with opportunities to acquire in-demand job experience through mentoring, global networking, and work experience that will increase personal development and enhance employability. The Virtual Global Apprenticeship equips the youth with remote work experience with leading organisations across the world.

The possibilities are endless when you access a world of opportunties.

Learners will be matched with our global partner company network and allocated mentors and coaches to help on various projects. Through virtual internships, learners get the opportunity to engage with prominent global digital entrepreneurs and work on real-time issues with leading global tech start-ups. Find out how your organisation can assist us in the fight against youth unemployment.

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What’s in it for Youth Candidates?

Virtual Apprenticeships

Enabling remote experiences with leading organisations & entrepreneurs across the world.

Experience Projects

Building an ecosystem of real experiences for you to prepare for future work opportunities.

Start-up Labs

Sharing curated learning from industry experts & disruptors in a condensed and learnable format.

Industry Readiness Lounge

Delivering key insights and advice from experienced professionals to kickstart careers.

Speak To An Expert

Want to learn more about how you can take your profession to the next level in the digital economy? Our dedicated specialists will contact you to discuss your educational and career goals.