Digital Readiness Assessment


It's not enough to just buy the next big tech solution. In order for companies to thrive we need to create a digital transformation strategy based on the company's capacity and capability. Our globally accredited digital maturity model, endorsed by the TM forum, determines the digital strategy best suited to your business model, its culture, and most importantly, the people at the heart of it.

Talent Development and Assessment


At Deviare, we believe people are at the center of successful digital transformation. In order to advance new possibilities, organisations must build and channel their human capital potential effectively.This requires a common language to understand the impact and contribution of all team members, beyond just their qualifications.

Deviare has partnered with The GC Index to help organisations develop a proven measurement framework and language that identifies individual and collective talent at all levels. Using this deeper understanding of its workforce, organisations can build and harness the most suitable human capability towards positive transformational change.