Become a Resell Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a resell partner?

Our Partner Program enables the partners to build a sustainable business in today’s training industry by providing the best-in-class training content to their customers.

As a partner, can I re-sell courses to both individuals and enterprises?

Absolutely! A partner can re-sell our courses and training programs to individuals, enterprises, or both.

How do I deliver Deviare courses to my customers?

Our partner portal helps you deliver Deviare courses to your customers.

Managing learners, assigning courses , and tracking progress is simple and quick through this portal.

Do I have to make any initial investment to become a Deviare partner? How soon do I need to exhaust the credit amount?

We work around different partnership models depending on the nature and scale of your business. There is an initial partner registration fee (aligned to the number of user licenses), that gets credited back to your account on the partner portal. You can use this credit for your sales transactions. There is no validity period for the credit amount. However, to use the credits after your agreement period, you must renew your agreement with Deviare.

What kind of support can I expect from Deviare?

As a Deviare partner, you will have full access to course content, partner platform, marketing support, and customer care support.

Marketing support includes (Brochure, Course Catalogue, and newsletter updates).

Deviare also offers dedicated account managers, who will help you with additional support, training, and any form of assistance that you might need to get started.

Will I be able to include my brand somewhere on the course page?

The course landing page will be co-branded. The page will have both Deviare and your brand logo. However, the course content will be solely branded with Deviare and Simplilearn branding elements.

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