Provision infrastructure and application environments ​on demand while you manage cloud costs with simple self-service.

    Experiment and test - Rapidly develop digital services that can be tested iteratively.

    Key principles:
    • Act like a start-up (that is funded and has domain expertise).
    • Embrace cloud computing.
    • Use the right tool for the business need.
    • Use out-of-box functionality whenever possible.
    • Create a microservices architecture.
    • Enforce 80/20 or YAGNI (you aren’t going to need it).
    • Cultivate Culture and the DevOps model.
    • “You build it, you own it!”


    Complex network configurations, modern labs, and manual processes have made provisioning environments time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone.

    Our service accelerates and simplifies environment provisioning by enabling teams to create self-service, on-demand replicas of full-stack infrastructure environments for hybrid and public cloud configurations in just one click.

    Key Services:

    • Dev/Test Lab-as-a service - Transform and consolidate your labs to a cloud using sandbox IT where users receive self-service, on-demand remote access to lab resources, and share lab environments supporting your multiple teams. Instead of waiting weeks or months, what if your dev, test, and security teams could get access to standardized sandbox IT environments in minutes wherever they are?
    • Dev-Ops Environment at scale - Multi-cloud environment orchestration from Dev to Production. Deliver simplified, self-service provisioning and control of multiple cloud environments, like AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes throughout your DevOps lifecycle.​
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