Higher Education Partners

Our University and Higher Education partner program

How we engage?

Our engagement model is flexible depending on the requirement of the university. By partnering with us, universities continuing or executive education departments can immediately launch branded certificates without the heavy lifting or delay of internal development. Institutions can also integrate our programs as part of their degree curricula through the use of technology in education (flipped classroom or virtual textbook).

Does Deviare provide any learner registration support?

Absolutely! We have a dedicated recruitment platform –http://recruitment.deviare.co.za/ to support all learner recruitment initiatives.

Typically we work with a local project manager or designated point of contact to assist with learner acquisition and on boarding. We provide market insight, product support and/or training to the university. The intent here is to ensure that the learner experience is truly an authentic representation of the university brand.

What kind of support is provided by Deviare to learners?

We provide a dedicated team to support to the university and their students throughout the program. Our training administrators (TA’s) are available 24/7 and we communicate regularly on student progress, feedback and satisfaction ratings.