Impact Investment - Skills Development

Deviare believes that technology has the power to change people’s lives. To that end, Deviare has a vision.

Deviare seeks to build an institution across the African continent, offering the opportunity to develop, not only their stakeholders but, more importantly, the youth. 

Deviare will not limit themselves to investing only in organisations. They plan to invest heavily in grassroots skills development, educating the future generations of technology and software developers. 

South Africa, as a developing nation, has a shortage of these highly specialised skills - skills that are in demand, skills that take time and money to acquire. As the youth becomes the core of the fourth industrial revolution, South Africa, and Africa as a whole, needs to build the capacity and the skills to drive this future economy. Software data are the languages of the future and Deviare will be developing and nurturing the skills for this new environment. They wish to see Africa’s software technologies hold their own in a globally competitive world.

Deviare looks to build a network of experts that will overcome the talent shortage in the technology sector, and meet the demands of this new economic society.

Deviare is building a legacy. One centred on people, investing in their skills to create sustainability in an ever-changing environment.

Deviare is offering the world of business a chance for organisations to see things differently. A chance to transform. A chance to meet the digital revolution head on. A chance to challenge. A chance to educate. A chance to grow.

A chance to deviate.