Our Team




Learning from the best in the world to build the most relevant digital transformation enabler for Africa.


I strongly consider success as harnessing the power and potential of technology and investing in people to mobilize their talents and skills.



I find tremendous pride in leading my days with passion and purpose. Being at Deviare enables me to drive a career that reflects my desire to be an impactful change agent. In big and small ways, we transform lives and create capabilities. My role here is to bring courage, commitment and compassion to the table.


My mission is to plan and implement futuristic cloud solutions, based on our client’s needs. I am always on the look out for innovative and emerging technology, with the intention of supporting our clients in the process of reaching their objectives. Essentially, my bit is to use my cloud expertise to champion digital transformation. 


Building scalable platforms through the use of different tools, to assist customers across the continent, in their digital transformation journey.


I take on any challenge and rise above the odds. I make it a point that every task given is done flawlessly and to the expectation of the client. As Deviare rapidly grows in the Technological space, I make sure that the running and execution of all our projects from ground level is client centric, easy and aligned to global project management standards.


Natasha is a solution-oriented individual, who manages day to day operational and administrative duties associated with effective implementation of the digital skills programmes at Deviare. When not working on providing digital trainings to help entities develop sustainable long-term solutions, I work on innovative ideas to marry humanities with cutting edge technologies.


Reimaging traditional hiring processes using digitally disruptive tools to build top tier recruitment platforms for creating and managing dynamic talent pools that are trained in digital skills for the future.


A dedicated and self-motivated individual, passionate about the use of Information Systems and technologies in the private and public sectors as well as the business and educational industries.

With a propensity toward Data Science, Information Systems, Cloud Architecture and Project Management, I have gained the relevant technical knowledge needed to successfully articulate the value propositions of the services provided by Deviare and to ensure an overall satisfactory relationship between Deviare and our current and potential customers.

Ultimately, my vision is to perform an integral role in providing the tools, training and skills needed for digital transformation on a continental scale.