Why we exist - Mission and Vision statement

Our purpose and mission is to help organizations build capacity and capabilities for digital transformation.

Why us?

Enterprise and government organisations have to deal with unprecedented levels of complexity to be successful. In order to thrive, they must build capacity for adaptation and limit the effects of negative habits across all tiers of the organisation. Technology plays a significant role in facilitating the development of this adaptation capacity. 

At Deviare, we believe that digital transformation must be rooted in the context of each organisation. Having worked across Government, Logistics and Transport, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Tourism and the Services Industry, our experience has taught us that digital transformation is about people. It is about building and leveraging the most suitable human capability to advance new possibilities. 

Our purpose is rooted in helping organisations harness their human capital potential towards a positively transformed future.

Technology plays a significant role in  facilitating the development of this  adaptation capacity. For technology solutions to be effective,  their design and implementation MUST be  rooted in their context.

This is why at Deviare we invest a lot of time and effort into understanding the context of our clients  across industries. Our consulting-led approach reduces the risk of project implementation and  focuses on engaging all relevant parts of the organisation in order to maximise the potential of  technology platforms and solutions.