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The Challenge

The Finance Sector in particular, is facing technological disruptions and new non-traditional competition. Most Financial Institutions have scaled down job roles such as tellers in favour of the growing demand for digital channels. Whilst the intention is to realign impacted workers to new and emerging roles, the reality is that too many of the impacted workers simply do not have the required skills to take on some of these job roles.

Our Solution

There are multiple levers that can be utilized by various stakeholders in order to counter this trend of job displacements in the Finance Sector. One of these is to get serious about the reskilling efforts of workers and ensure that new skills align to emerging job opportunities and that candidates be positioned appropriately. There is no doubt that the effectiveness of this approach requires partnerships from stakeholders that possess unique capabilities.

The Results

Sasbo and Deviare are partnering to accelerate efforts of reskilling impacted workers in specific digital domains that align with the requirements of the Finance Industry. In the short term, Deviare will fund a pilot project to reskill 50 identified workers who are members of Sasbo and provide skills programmes and accreditations in important domains such as data analytics, cloud computing, AI, agile and digital marketing. In the medium to long term, the partnership is envisaged to grow and positively impact more workers both reactively and proactively.

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